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Stuller Custom Suite

One-of-a-Kind Realities in a World of Possibilities

The Stuller Custom Suite represents the full spectrum that Stuller offers in finding the perfect solution for your customization needs. From minor style adjustments to complete creative freedom, we offer it all to make your one-of-a-kind piece a reality.

All Your Solutions In One Convenient Place

Can you help me sell custom jewelry from my case?

Can you help me make quick customization and personalization changes with a swift turnaround?

Can you help me start with custom jewelry design?

Can you help me manufacture my custom jewelry pieces?

Selling Solutions

Stuller’s selling solutions provide the perfect opportunity to show your customers all the potential jewelry can have with minimal financial investment for your case.

Stuller Custom Suite

All Your Solutions In One Convenient Place

Why Customization?

of bridal customers want some form of customization

of bridal customers want a completely custom ring design

of bridal customers want to make changes to an existing style

Customization is what your customers are looking for.

The Knot, 2021

Custom Jewelry Manufacturing with Stuller is Personal

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7/17/2024 Market Prices:
Gold 2480.25 Platinum 1021.00 Silver 30.92