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What is ever&ever®?

ever&ever® is a complete bridal program featuring high-quality, customizable prototype rings — each a flexible 3C design. As part of the program, you receive robust marketing support, next-day delivery for some non-customized styles, and customizable designs with an array of options. With your passion to create, ever&ever® helps you sell to every customer and deliver an unforgettable customization experience.

Become an ever&ever® retailer

When you purchase the Core Bridal Program, which includes our 29 best-selling designs, you become an authorized ever&ever® retailer. The choice is yours to add the pre-merchandised right and left wings or build your own wings for a more personalized design selection.

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This customer-facing website lets customers browse the complete ever&ever® inventory, customize engagement ring designs, and find nearby ever&ever® jewelers. Register your business with Locate a Jeweler to be added to the retailer map on everandever.com

Rapid Delivery

Some non-customized styles arrive as quickly as the next day. Customized pieces are typically delivered in 8-12 days.

Marketing Assets

Receive robust marketing support through our Marketing Assets Library, monthly ever&ever® newsletter, and expertly crafted social posts.

Customizable Designs

Choose a center stone type, shape, size, and metal quality on Stuller.com, or take designs to the next level through Stuller's Modify a Style service or via CounterSketch®.

Private Label Option Available

Personalize your display colors and fabrics choosing from 122 options available through our Case By Case® Program.

  • Add your business logo to the display plaque
  • Have your business logo engraved on all live bridal rings
  • Customize a tile in CounterSketch® with your store logo

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83% of bridal customers want some form of customization.

Discover the full spectrum of solutions designed to meet your customization needs.

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Add-Ons to the Core Program

Expand your ever&ever® assortment after purchasing the Core or Comprehensive Program by adding a six-piece engagement ring enhancement. These enhancements allow you to add depth and variety to your core assortment. Choose from a variety of options featuring both modern and classic designs. Two new enhancements are released twice a year. You also have the option to build your own to make your engagement assortment truly unique.

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With its many benefits, ever&ever® offers you the power to claim a larger market share and achieve new levels of bridal success.


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4/17/2024 Market Prices:
Gold 2390.35 Platinum 959.00 Silver 28.47