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New to MatrixGold® 3:

MatrixGold 3

What is MatrixGold®?

MatrixGold®is our newest, most powerful CAD software to date, and it brings a wealth of fresh features and benefits. If you’re an ambitious designer who wants total creative exploration to build jewelry from a blank slate, MatrixGold has the features you need.

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Unlimited Design Possibilities

If you’re an ambitious designer who wants total creative exploration to build jewelry from a blank slate, MatrixGold has the features you need. MatrixGold offers advanced design power and a considerable productivity boost.

Everything about MatrixGold was designed to make you a more efficient designer and unleash your full customization potential: the upgraded CAD engine, the improved speed and responsiveness, the new content organization — everything.

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This freeform, organic modeling plug-in provides functions similar to carving and shaping physical clay. Clayoo runs inside MatrixGold.

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MatrixGold has a modern, clean design, and a simplified interface. All panels are flexible, movable, and dockable.

Parametric History

Parametric history is a way of linking configurations made within MatrixGold commands. When you update configurations and complete a dynamic command, any other dynamic commands in use react and reflect those changes, keeping your design intact. This is a revolutionary improvement over older CAD software. For example, if you need to update your ring size from 5 to 10, you can do it with minimal effort.

Dynamic Transform Tools

Two of the most time-saving Transform tools are those which duplicate geometry for symmetry: Mirror and Polar Array. Mirror reflects geometry relative to the C plane. Polar array duplicates a specified number of objects around an axis. These two tools save designers time by creating child objects based on parent objects, all while keeping parametric history.

Content at Your Fingertips

MatrixGold has libraries of content and saved styles available to be used in any design. There is a built-in Content Manager, including Libraries, Collections, Style Sheets, and Job bags. It's easy to bookmark your favorite parts to a User Collection and plug them into any design using parametric history tools, such as mirror, orient to gem, etc. There is a library of parts to assign to objects. Style Sheets allow you to easily save your favorite dynamic command configurations that can be recalled later for easy reuse.

Editable Booleans and Cutters

Booleans are what is used in CAD software to control the way geometry is subtracted from or added to another piece of geometry. Cutters are what is used in Booleans to make those adjustments. Typically, Booleans are one of the final steps in creating a design, but you can now edit your designs and your Booleans. Before, you would have had to start the whole design from scratch.

Advanced Designs Made Simple

With our new cathedral ring and split shank dynamic commands, creating difficult stylized designs has never been easier. Utilizing these simplified tools, complex concepts are accessible for both novice and power users. There are multiple workflows to reach a final design, giving the designer many different options.

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