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What is MatrixGold®?

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MatrixGold® adds a new dimension to Gemvision’s advanced CAD solutions. It combines top Matrix® and RhinoGold features with the simplified interface of CounterSketch®. MatrixGold offers you more power, a curated set of tools, intuitive workflow, and enhanced productivity.

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How it Works — Features


Intuitive Design and Workflow

  • Has a modern, clean graphic design, and a simplified interface.
  • All panels are flexible, movable, and dockable.

Ribbon Toolbar

  • Features command groups familiar to users of Matrix and RhinoGold products.
  • New search bar makes it simple for novice and expert alike.

Layers Interface

  • Builders dynamically assign new geometry to the corresponding layers and support unlimited layers.

User Data Management

  • Reimagined job bags support modern workflow.
  • Utilize a custom built, flexible, and powerful Project Browser interface.

Context Menu F6

  • Intelligent tool suggestions based on selected geometry.

Revamped Creation Tools

  • New ViewPort Control Handles, Profile Editor tools, Library Browser, etc.


Rhino 6 CAD Engine

  • Developed on the most powerful, using the latest version of McNeel’s CAD engine.
  • Provides outstanding speed for greater responsiveness.
  • Improves presentation, display, and more.


Parametric History Powered Builders

  • MatrixGold Essentials has enhanced data trees that retain — and remember — how components were built and how they relate to one another.
  • Use this parametric history/memory to reconfigure design changes quickly.

Advanced Rendering

New Rendering Core

  • MatrixGold Essentials builds on the Rhino 6 Cycles Engine to make rendering easy and intuitive.
  • Allows GPU or CPU rendering to make the most of any computer system.
  • Live preview rendering features material hot-swapping.


Design Reporting

  • Improved volumizing tools that help you to estimate manufacturing prices.
  • Users have access to gem mapping, material lists, and additional reporting enhancements.
  • Combination of features from the RhinoGold Tech Report and Matrix Reporting tools that promote ease of use and customer value.

Asiga® 3D Printers

Let Your Designs Take Shape

Take your MatrixGold production to the next level with Asiga® 3D Printers renowned for their innovation, precision, and model surface finish for casting and more.

4/19/2019 Market Prices:
Gold 1275.70 Platinum 892.00 Silver 14.96