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Platinum's unique attributes help sell it. And with gold prices high, it's an excellent time to buy platinum. The key is to offer platinum as an option and explain the lasting benefits of platinum over other precious metals. The Platinum Center provides valuable information on platinum's features as well as links to our wide selection of platinum jewelry and fabricated mill products.

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100% Recycled Platinum
Stuller's manufactured metals are manufactured using SCS-certified 100% recycled platinum. You can view our SCS Certification.
SCS-Certified 100% Recycled Platinum

Platinum Alloys

Pt950/Ruthenium (Ru) is the best choice for multipurpose use. It is ideal for machining and fabrication. Casting will deliver good results.
Pt950/Cobalt (Co) has a very fine grain and is ideal for casting. It is slightly ferromagnetic and oxidizes at about 1,000 degrees Celsius. The oxidation can be easily removed.
90/10 Platinum/Iridium (Pt/Ir) is a comprehensive platinum alloy. It can be used for all applications but is best suited for fabrication.
Platinum Alloys

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Platinum's natural white never needs plating. Its color doesn't change, and over time, platinum jewelry develops a characteristic patina — the hallmark of authenticity.


Platinum's strength provides maximum security for diamonds and gemstones. Regardless of which metal customers choose for the shank, suggest a platinum head to secure their stone.

Heirloom Quality

Platinum's durability and density mean that it will weigh the same in 50 or more years as it does today. It is ideal for becoming a family heirloom future generations will know and love.

Care and Maintenance

Customers can clean platinum at home with a jewelry cleaning solution. And once a year, have customers bring their platinum jewelry to you, so you can check the stones and polish it.

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5/25/2022 Market Prices:
Gold 1847.20 Platinum 954.00 Silver 21.83