Why Platinum?

Every great work of art has to start somewhere. And when you make your jewelry with platinum, you are giving yourself the best foundation possible. As the strongest and most durable precious metal, platinum will ensure the security of your stones. When you set in Stuller platinum, you can be sure that every piece you create will be a masterpiece.

Passionately Platinum

The new platinum lookbook

  • Myth

    Platinum is hard to work with.


    Working with platinum is different, not hard.

    As with every new product, you'll need to understand platinum's properties, get the right tools, and learn the most effective techniques.

  • Myth

    Platinum is too expensive for my customers.


    Gold prices are higher than platinum, and platinum is 2.7 times more profitable for you.

    A major survey revealed that 77% of bridal customers prefer platinum but weren't offered the option. By suggesting platinum and giving more information on its benefits, you're providing something customers want.

  • Myth

    Platinum is hard to sell.


    Armed with the knowledge, platinum's outstanding benefits help you sell it.

    Customers are impressed to learn that it is the purest precious metal (95% and 90%), naturally white with no need for plating, the most durable precious metal, and holds diamonds and gemstones with the highest level of security.

Top Platinum Facts

As a major manufacturer of Platinum products and jewelry, Stuller uses 100% SCS-certified recycled platinum.
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Platinum is one of the densest elements at 12.4 ounces per cubic inch, a little more than 21 times the density of water or six times the density of a diamond.

Virtually all famous gemstones—from the Star of Africa to the Hope Diamond—are protected by platinum settings.

Platinum enhances the natural luminosity of gemstones by not contaminating their color with metal color.

The scratch factor — All precious metals scratch. However, one of the unique qualities of platinum is that when scratched, the metal is merely displaced, never lost.

Platinum is so rare that all of the platinum ever mined could fit into the average American living room.

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Selling Platinum

Color and Purity

Platinum is naturally white – it comes out of the ground white. No plating is necessary. Platinum doesn't change colors – it develops a patina with wear, which can be buffed back to it's original shine if desired.

Care and Maintenance

Platinum requires the least amount of lifetime maintenance due to its durability and purity. Platinum can be cleaned at home with a jewelry cleaning solution but should be taken to a jeweler yearly for polishing and to check stones.


Platinum retains its weight even after polishing. It will weigh the same 50 years from now as it does today, making it heirloom quality.


Platinum's great strength provides maximum security for a diamond. Regardless of the shank quality, choose a platinum head.


Platinum is nickel-free and hypoallergenic.

9/17/2019 Market Prices:
Gold 1502.10 Platinum 939.00 Silver 17.84