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Corporate Social Responsibility

Stuller’s Commitment to Ethical Sourcing and Fair Trade Practices

Stuller's Commitment

Stuller maintains an ongoing environmental consciousness and fair trade awareness in our manufacturing processes and in the lives of all of our associates. We are committed to conducting all operations in the most socially responsible manner possible.

And just as we are committed to bettering the global jewelry industry, we are committed to making our own local community a better place.

U.S. Patriot Act Compliance

All of our suppliers have provided written verification stating their compliance with the U.S. Patriot Act.

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Responsible Jewelry Council Member

Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) Certification

RJC is an international body, headquartered in London, that certifies fine jewelry product manufacturers and suppliers for responsible ethical, social, and environmental practices throughout their operations. Certification and membership requires an independent third party audit covering all aspects of operations, from our supply chain and production to business ethics and employee health and safety.

Members must meet RJC's Code of Practices which respects human rights throughout the jewelry supply chain for diamond, gold, and platinum group metals. RJC members commit to implementing continuous improvement processes to increase performance and achieve higher standards.

Stuller is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC). As such, we commit to proving, through independent third-party verification, that we:

  • Respect human rights according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Labor Organization Fundamental Rights at Work.
  • Do not engage in or tolerate bribery, corruption, money laundering or finance of terrorism.
  • Support transparency of government payments and rights-compatible security forces in the extractives industry.
  • Do not provide direct or indirect support to illegal armed groups.
  • Enable stakeholders to voice concerns about the jewelry supply chain.
  • Are implementing the OECD 5-Step framework as a management process for risk based due diligence for responsible supply chains of minerals from conflict-affected and high-risk areas.

Transparent Sourcing

Recognizing the challenges associated with providing precious materials in a responsible manner, we work closely with our suppliers to ensure our jewelry is produced in the most responsible way possible.

Recycled Metals

At Stuller, we are committed to ethical sourcing and environmental sustainability in all aspects of our operations. This includes Stuller's Responsible Sourcing Protocol and using 100% recycled materials in our manufacturing processes.

SCS Global Services - Recycled Content Logo

SCS Global Services Certifications

SCS Gold Certificate
SCS Silver Certificate
SCS Platinum Certificate
SCS Palladium Certificate

SCS Global Services is an international leader in third-party certification and standards development in environmental and sustainability claims according to global standards. Stuller has received SCS's certification for 100% recycled metals, verifying that when you buy Stuller's manufactured metals—gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products—they have 100% recycled content.

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Industry Associates

Stuller is a proud member of the following:

Stuller's Resource Conservation Practices

In addition to our sustainability efforts within the jewelry industry, Stuller is also committed to environmental consciousness at all of its facilities. We do this through:

Water Management

Developing a comprehensive water management plan, which follows the Best Management Practices outlined by the Federal Energy Management Program, our focus when it comes to efficient water management.

Energy Management

Stuller supports national energy efficiency policies such as Energy Star that improve energy usage by continuously establishing, implementing, and supporting effective energy management programs that provide a safe and comfortable work environment for associates.

Waste Management

Stuller reduces, reuses, and recycles waste where possible. We dispose of all hazardous wastes in accordance with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act and ensure all effluent from the wastewater treatment system complies with local, state, and federal regulations.


To achieve excellence, our day-to-day corporate operations demand efficiency, and we continuously seek areas for improvement. We group customer orders to decrease shipments, use recyclable paper instead of plastic, and use low-flow faucets—among many other things.
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