Stuller Internship Program 2019

Hear from Stuller's 2019 summer interns about their experience participating in the Internship Program .

Video Transcript

You go to school and you study something, but I wanted to see if what I was learning in school actually would match up with a real position in the real world.
Stuller is a great work experience for any aspiring intern.
The amount of stuff you can learn here is endless. The opportunities are endless.
They do everything over here.  I did not know all of the things they do, from manufacturing to the CAD/CAM department.
I got to see multiple facets of a company come together as a whole.
My internship experience has been extremely informative, so much fun. I’ve met really incredible people who made me feel welcomed and excited every day to come to work.    
It’s a lot of work. It’s not just like, getting coffee for someone.
The work that I put in is actually being implemented and used in real life.
I was given significant projects that made a difference and it really gave me an insight into what my role would be in an entry level position.
A good group of people working around you is something that’s very important.
I love my team. They were very supportive. They were always encouraging.
A lot of amazing people who really put a lot of time into their interns.
And that’s very important for somebody going maybe to, even their first job, is to find a place where people are willing to grow each other.
I actually came up with an idea on how to market the new lab-grown melee, so I worked really close with social media. I took a picture with the diamonds in my hands, so that was fun working with them. So, it was definitely a good internship to not only learn about what your position is but others as well.
As a student, it’s something everybody wishes that you could experience.
Every day I was trying to go and talk to someone new to find out what I might like because I don’t know what I like. So, I think that’s what I got from here.
Through my internship experience, I think that I have gained valuable professional skills that I didn’t learn in school.
Stuller, I feel like it’s made up of a great group of people. It’s something I can see working in in the future.
I’ve already accepted a position to stay part-time post my internship. So, I’m excited to stay longer to experience that more.
This is the most amazing thing that has happened to me. I got offered a part-time job right after my internship. It makes me feel that anything is possible.
Meeting Matt Stuller is an epic experience because you get to see the gears as they mesh in his mind and how he sees this all come together.
He’s really inspiring because you’re looking at someone who started from nothing and made it something huge. So you know everything he’s saying is coming from experience.
It’s a really great internship program.
Just go in openminded and ready to learn because they’re going to try to cram as much stuff in your head as you can possibly fit.  It’s just a good experience.
To someone considering an internship, just go for it. There wasn’t one that was in my field of study and it kind of ending up solidifying what I want to do with my career.
At Stuller, your experience would be extra special.
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