JCK 2019: 302® Fine Jewelry

Hear about the 302® Fine Jewelry collection from Emily Graffagnino.

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, I'm here with Emily and we're in our 302 section of the booth. This is something we launched here at JCK last year and this year we have some new exciting things we're gonna talk about. Emily's gonna tell us a little bit about it.

Thanks, this year we've brought 65 brand new styles to the 302 Collection and a lot of them are showcasing a lot of new color pieces. The new evil eye ring comes in and all of the genuine birthstone run-ups. Average wholesale prices are under $300 and with the $2,500 buy-in you get an incredible amount of marketing support, quarterly updates and access to all kinds of fun things on Stuller.com.

This is our Seeker Collection and it features a lot of scattered stones, a lot of cabs mixed with faceted stones and again a lot of great pieces that come in all genuine birthstones. Great for that person who wants to showcase their personal style. So 302 is right here on the corner of our booth. All of these tables that you see around us, all of it is 302 product so come on over and check it out and maybe you'll want to buy into the program. It's really neat.

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