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What is 302 Fine Jewelry?

From concept to creation, each piece is made for those who want to share their story with the world. These award-winning styles provide a lasting expression of moments that define life’s chapters.

Our curated collections are fresh and up-to-date with three new product releases every year. It’s attainable luxury with the unmatched quality and service you’ve come to expect from Stuller for more than 50 years.

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Learn more about becoming a retail partner. We’ll help you select your initial $2,500* investment worth of product best suited for your business as well as provide an in-depth review of program benefits and answer any questions you may have.

*$2,500 buy-in required. Pre-tax. Does not include shipping and handling.

Partner Benefits

High-Quality Marketing Support

From images, videos, and print pieces accessible through our Marketing Asset Library to quarterly newsletters and a brand website set with your business listing, we actively support the marketing goals of our retail partners.

Digital Sales Tools

Through the power of <iFrame> technology and Stuller Showcase®, you can seamlessly integrate the full 302 Fine Jewelry offering into your website for your customers to easily browse and even submit quotes to you.

Lightning-Fast Delivery

We are confident these quick-turning styles will move. Once you sell a style, it’s easy and fast to replenish or bring in something new for your customers to fall in love with. All in-stock items are available for rapid delivery, so you can have what you need when you need it.

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302 Fine Jewelry Branded Display

Elevate your in-case presence with 302 Fine Jewelry branded displays that are perfect for showcasing on-trend products in the best way possible. Merchandise all your favorite pieces together for a cohesive purchasing experience for your customers.

Order yours today by talking with a member of our team. Call 800-877-7777, ext. 2528.

Styles Your Customers Want

We’re watching the trends for you, so the 302 Fine Jewelry offering stays relevant and fresh. Each collection is carefully designed with confidence that your customers will find the latest styles they are wanting.

essentials collection
Essentials™ Collection

Simplicity is beautiful, and that’s what the Essentials Collection is all about — sweet simplicity. This collection features must-have jewelry styles: small stones, pearls, bars, circles, and more.

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utility collection
Utility™ Collection

Chain links, locks, ropes, and more make up the Utility Collection. Layer these styles to add some industrial flair to your favorite outfit, or wear them alone if that’s your fancy.

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jubilee collection
Jubilee™ Collection

Initials, engravable names, and symbols are how you introduce yourself and your interests to the world. Whether worn alone or layered, the Jubilee Collection’s styles are charming and fun.

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cosmos collection
Cosmos™ Collection

Explore the cosmos with styles that reflect the realms beyond Earth. This collection features all things celestial, from crescent moons and stars to constellations, lightning bolts, and more.

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believer collection
Believer™ Collection

Invite tranquility into your life with the spiritual styles of the Believer Collection, the perfect collection for those looking to celebrate peace, happiness, and their beliefs.

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impress collection
Impress™ Collection

Whether big and bold or small and playful, the Impress Collection is how you adorn yourself with stone-intensive, stately styles that feature diamonds and gemstones.

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modern brilliance collection
Modern Brilliance®

With styles set exclusively with lab-grown diamonds, the Modern Brilliance Collection offers you an affordable, alternative option for classic and on-trend diamond jewelry.

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Meet the Team

Passion, experience, and skill are the traits that define the team behind the product. By combining their unique life and jewelry industry experiences, they work every day to create meaningful jewelry for those who proudly wear them to celebrate their stories.

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"I have never met a diamond that I didn’t love"

I love jewelry. Most of my passion stems from the appreciation of being able to wear Earth’s most precious resources. I am certain this is the reason I have never met a diamond that I didn’t love. Trend forecasting is where I get the most energy in my work. I am fascinated by all the factors that affect what consumers are wearing and searching for. This is more relevant now than ever.

Outside of my work you can find me painting, chasing my four boys, and enjoying an occasional weekday glass of champagne. When I seek inspiration, I turn to nature and the one and only Dolly Parton who I consider a female force within business and the creative process.


My Favorite Looks

Happy Charm Lab-Grown Diamond Front-Back Earrings
“It is a blessing to be able to work with these pieces every day.”

My interest in jewelry began as a little girl, as my grandmother was (and still is) an avid jewelry fanatic. She brought me to her favorite jewelry store in our hometown every year for my birthday and allowed me to choose any piece of jewelry I wanted. It was a dream — so, naturally, that same admiration for jewelry carries over to 302 Fine Jewelry. It is a blessing to be able to work with these pieces every day, watching the ways women transform their confidence through their shiny accessories.

When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, sunny days, traveling, scrolling through Pinterest, and hanging out with my pups.


My Favorite Looks

Happy Charm/Pendant Mirror Link Chain
“Jewelry is our own living history. It’s a map of our lives.”

I’ve always had a great interest in bold fine art, progressive design, and a lifelong passion for jewelry. I have been studying, creating, and crafting jewelry since I was a child. This has led me to the most fulfilling career creating today’s trends in 302 Fine Jewelry, which will be passed down to become tomorrow’s heirlooms.

I am most energized by the highly collaborative elements of the design process. From the spark of an idea to refining the sketch to making small adjustments to the final touches in the details, working with our fantastic creative team is what makes me thrilled to be a part of 302 Fine Jewelry every day.

I believe jewelry is our own living history. It’s a map of our lives and a way for each of us to wear our accomplishments while reflecting the aesthetics and values of each era. I enjoy working in my home studio creating pieces to share my personal collection with my own daughters as they grow.


My Favorite Looks

diamond starburst ring tiny lightning bolt earrings COMPASS CHARM/PENDANT
"Everything I draw is a happy little accident."

I’m a bit like Bob Ross: everything I draw is a happy little accident. And fewer things make me happier than drawing — which is fantastic because, lucky me, I get to do that every day! I’m part of the 302® Fine Jewelry design team, where the work of Tomasz Donocik inspires me.

Outside of work, I’m the proud dog momma of Flynn “Ryder” Mitchell. One of my favorite things to do is travel and get to see the different trends in other areas. There’s always something to take back with me and incorporate into future 302 designs.


My Favorite Looks

curved bar earrings geometric stackable ring
"The women I design jewelry for…are strong but embrace femininity."

As an artist and designer, I’m happiest when I’m creating. Whether that’s working in my garden or knitting a sweater for a new baby, I’m a creator to the core. My job allows me to explore this creativity, where I often draw inspiration from the women I design jewelry for. They are strong but embrace femininity in all its delicate beauty. And of course, they love sparkle, whether that’s a lot or just a little. That’s the beauty of 302 Fine Jewelry: it’s all about the wearer’s individual preferences.

The part of designing I enjoy the most is when I can gather the fragments of an idea from my head and then realize that design on paper. From there, I flesh out the details with pencil and paint until I’ve created something that I’m ready to share with the world. And, sometimes, when the finished design looks just as I imagined, it feels like lightning in a bottle.


My Favorite Looks

diamond scatter bar earrings yellow citrine ring
“To see new, beautiful styles come alive is extremely exciting!”

Jewelry is an everlasting love of mine, as it is for so many other women. It may be just the simple classic styles for my day-to-day, but when there’s a special event, I’m so eager to show off more of my statement pieces. There are so many creative women on the 302 Fine Jewelry team who put a lot of heart into our designs, which inspires me to share just how special this collection is with others. To see new, beautiful styles come alive is extremely exciting!

Spring and fall are my favorite times of the year because the earth’s landscapes are so beautiful, which is why gardening is another one of my everlasting loves. When I’m digging in the dirt, it may be one of the only times that I’m not wearing my favorite pieces of jewelry.


My Favorite Looks

lab-grown diamond bar earrings initial diamond necklace initial diamond necklace
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Gold 1963.25 Platinum 1021.00 Silver 23.89