MatrixGold® 2019

MatrixGold® 2019 is our newest, most powerful CAD software to date, and it brings a wealth of fresh features and benefits — including all the features fans of MatrixGold® Essentials appreciated.

Video Transcript

With the 2019 release of MatrixGold®, you'll find a variety of helpful features and tools.

When updating your designs, dynamic components react and reflect your changes.

Change ring sizes at any point of the design process.

Easily adjust mirrored and duplicated components.

Dynamic transform tools allow you to manipulate designs using Bend, Twist, Taper, Shear, Polar Array, and Mirror.

A library of components, complete pieces and styles are bundled with the software.

Create collections of your favorite parts and pieces ready to be added at any time.

Save hours of work that can be reapplied with one click.

Nondestructive cutting allows for changes at any point in the design process.

Never restart a design from scratch again.

Simple tools give you unprecedented control: easily create a cathedral ring or easily create a split shank.

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