Introducing MatrixGold Essentials

Designed to simplify your work, MatrixGold Essentials will result in greater productivity and easier customer participation.

Video Transcript

MatrixGold Essentials combines top Matrix and RhinoGold features with elements of the user-friendly CounterSketch interface. MatrixGold Essentials will simplify your work, resulting in greater productivity.  Here are just a few of the features that make MatrixGold Essentials so easy to use.

Alter and adjust your design changes quickly with a parametric history workflow.  MatrixGold Essentials has enhanced data trees that keep track of how components were built and relate to one another, letting you make changes without having to lose your progress. 

In MatrixGold Essentials, you'll spend more time creating and less time searching for the tools you need.  By clicking the context menu button or pressing the F6 key, you can see a selection of actions based on the geometry you have selected.

Looking for a specific tool but can't remember just where the icon is?  Using the robust search function in the top right corner of your screen will display a list of filter results in the new ribbon toolbar.

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