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Special Ordering Services: The Adventures of Agent Gem

In a gem jam? Learn more about Stuller's special diamond and gemstone ordering services.

Video Transcript

In a world where finding the right gem can be the difference between life and death, or profitability and lost revenue, one man stands up for the independent jeweler and says lost revenue? Not on my watch.  That man is Agent Gem.  Hello hello Agent Gem? This is Gem.  Agent Gem oh please you have to help me. I don't know what to do. I'm in a gem jam.  Okay ma'am calm down.  What is your gem jam?  I need an 80 carat emerald shaped like a duck.  Ma'am you made the right call.  Stuller can help you.  Give me 24 to 48 hours. Oh thank you Agent Gem. Meet me in the Situation Room now.  

Diamonds gemstones can't find them?  We can. Simply call 1-866-416-9837.  Call for help and we will get you a price and delivery date and you can have your stone within five business days.  That's 1-866-416-9837. 

Listen up ladies and gentlemen.  I have a customer who is looking for an 80 carat emerald shaped like a duck.  This is a very special order.  What I need from you is a hard-target search of every country, mine, warehouse, outhouse, doghouse, coffee house, boat house, and igloo on this planet.  Now do I make myself clear?  Go get it!  We will search the world for your stones.  Match sets may be requested.  The stones will not be delivered until the price and delivery date have been agreed upon.  Remember that's 1-866-416-9837.  

Agent Gem I think we've got it!  You have that emerald?  Yes yes very good get it here on the double.  Great job folks we got it well done.   Hello Joe's Jewelers.  Ma'am it's Agent Gem. I've got it.   Oh Agent Gem you're a lifesaver!  Ma'am remember whenever you're in a gem jam I am your main man.  Who has your back in this crazy troubled world?   Stuller does.  That's who. Stuller. 
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