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You Can Provide One-Of-A-Kind Service With Stuller Behind The Scenes

Over the years, we've grown and culled our network of reputable sources for diamonds and gemstones. This enables us to offer such a vast assortment of stones in the sizes and shapes you want. But, it's impossible to have every single possibility in stock and ready to go.

At Stuller, we know how to help you deliver special treatment to your customers. Sometimes, a customer wants something different, something that we don't have in our assortment. Did you know that our special order team can help you with these needs as well? Odd sizes, unique cuts, and other color options are just a few of the things our customers request from us. And we deliver.

"My stepdaughter is a girly girl so a traditional class ring would not have shown her personality at all. She wanted something dainty with a little bling to it. Choosing a ring like this will allow her to wear it more often and for a longer period of her life. It will never get old. I chose to get it from Stuller because I knew the finished product would be exactly what I expected — perfection."

-Dona Robertson

Special order ring for Dona Robertson

"When imagining her graduation ring, my godchild wanted something she knew she would always wear. She wasn't interested in a traditional graduation ring. She wanted something that could be symbolic of her high school without the limitations of when she was going to wear it and would she really wear it after high school.

When I heard this, I knew that ametrine would be the perfect center stone for her graduation gift. This stone allowed her to have exactly what she wanted. She wears her ring whenever she wants, and the color of the stone will always be a symbol of her high school."

-Troy Douet

Special order ring for Troy Douet

How To Get The Team To Work For You

It's simple and a complimentary service. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Our special order team is well versed in listening to your needs, searching, and quoting. We'll get back to you within 24-48 hours for gemstones or five days for diamonds. Once you have approved the price and delivery date, we'll order, match, and deliver exactly what you need.

Start the conversation today with our friendly special order team by calling 1-800-877-7777:
Diamonds ext. 540
Gemstones ext. 546

Market prices as of 9/20/2018
Gold 1208.35 Platinum 828.00 Silver 14.23