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Stuller Showcase®
Your Free, Powerful Website Solution

Boost Your Selling Power

Never miss another sale. Use Showcase to deliver a compelling experience that draws your customer into the sales process, deepening their commitment to the purchase. Stuller Showcase® provides the perfect format to explore our flexible designs and our Quick Shops with your customer by maximizing their engagement with the product and with you.

  • For everyone, with and without a website
  • Leverage an expanding inventory of 140,000+ products
  • FREE - No web maintenance, hosting, or design fees
  • Live dynamic pricing, no more calculators, no price haggling

What our customers are saying:

"We get to set the pricing and when we show the customer items on the screen, it’s calculated right there, so no price haggling!"

"Showcase makes us feel that even as a small store, we have a real edge on the competition."

"They know where my price comes from and it gives our store more credibility than just pulling a number out of the air."

Features & Benefits

  • Feature your company logo or name
  • Create and Share your own distinctive URL on business cards and in your marketing
  • Flexible and Easy, we offer one click markups or advanced markups by category, with options for additional charges

Deliver an Experience

  • Maximize customer engagement using our customization tools
  • Find the items you want by using our filters and easy search
  • Beautiful images and renders, maintained by our professional staff
  • Unlimited access to our inventory, Stuller Showcase never gets stale

Make the Sale

  • Your customers can browse at their convenience – Desktop, Tablet, and mobile – 24/7
  • When they find an item they want, they will submit a request and get a quote
  • Stuller Showcase alerts you by email, including the product(s), quoted price, and customer contact info.
  • Review their request, confirm their selection(s), and complete the sale

9/24/2020 Market Prices:
Gold 1861.75 Platinum 836.00 Silver 22.22