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Riente Diamonds and Jewelry

Extraordinary light performance

  • Exclusive and patented 74-facet cut
  • Creates superior light performance of a higher-grade diamond
  • Gives consumers more fire and brilliance for less
  • AGS® Grading Reports with OGI Firetrace® card measuring fire, brilliance, and scintillation

Brilliance you can see

With Riente Diamonds, seeing is believing with visibly outstanding light performance due to its scientifically designed cut. They also produce a high percentage of ideal or excellent grades for symmetry, polish, and cut.

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Riente Diamonds facets

74 dazzling facets

Delivers greater fire and brilliance than the 58-facet cut of a traditional round diamond.

1 Table + 32 Crown + 40 Pavilion + 1 Culet

Comes with these benefits

ID Number Security
Laser-inscribed number offers the ultimate safeguard.
Easy Reviews and Returns
Qualified accounts enjoy 5-day reviews and prepaid returns.
Loss Protection for One Year
Give consumers even more confidence to buy from you.
Personalized Inscription
Engrave a personal message for as little as $25.00. Call 800-877-7777, ext. 3949, for details.
Lifetime Trade Up
Offer full value credit to your customers when they trade up.
Buy with Confidence
All diamonds are hand selected and individually graded.

Earn rebate rewards every year

10 Diamonds = 1.5% Rebate
20 Diamonds = 2% Rebate
30 Diamonds = 2.5% Rebate
40 Diamonds = 3% Rebate
75 Diamonds = 4% Rebate

Accounts in good standing throughout the year are eligible.
Rebate offer is not valid with any other offer.

1/25/2021 Market Prices:
Gold 1856.85 Platinum 1112.00 Silver 25.64