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Riente Diamonds®

See greater brilliance and fire

With Riente Diamonds, seeing is believing when you see their outstanding and measurable light performance. They have a scientifically designed 74-facet cut that creates greater brilliance and fire customers can see.

  • The accompanying AGS® grading report includes the diamond's light performance test results for fire, brilliance, and scintillation.

Riente Diamonds® by Stuller

Better Cut and Light Performance

Riente Diamonds boast superior light performance due to their 74-facet design, so customers can have the fire and brilliance they want.

  • Riente Diamonds' 74-facet cut creates a high percentage of ideal and excellent grades for symmetry, polish, and cut.

Additional Benefits

As part of their individually-graded diamonds selection, Riente Diamonds offer customers—

  • One year of complimentary protection against loss, damage, and theft.
  • The unique grading report number laser engraved on the diamond’s girdle for positive identification.
  • A guarantee of full value for trade up to a higher priced diamond in our inventory.*
    *The diamond must be in the same condition described in the grading report.
Riente Diamonds® by Stuller
2/15/2019 Market Prices:
Gold 1316.55 Platinum 793.00 Silver 15.68