Modular Magnetic Displays

Series #: 61-9915


Eight interchangeable elements mix and match to create multiple configurations perfect for your showcase needs.

These modular point-of-sale displays complement your jewelry and will influence buying decisions.

  • Each display starts with the multi-way magnetic board.
  • Pick and choose individual pieces, with no minimums. Each piece is magnetic.
  • Elements are available in three colors : moon glow, palladium, and black.
  • These pair nicely with our charm/dangle displays 61-1010 which are also magnetic.

Custom Imprinting Options Interested in learning more?

Bottom/Center of Backboard
Bottom Right Corner of Backboard
Bottom Left Corner of Backboard Digital Imprinting
Interested in learning more?
2/3/2023 Market Prices:
Gold 1875.35 Platinum 1004.00 Silver 23.49