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Piece by Piece™

an interactive settings and shanks ring builder

What is Piece by Piece™?

Create an interactive design experience for your customers using these magnetic shanks and settings — all conveniently packaged in a small profile prototype selling system for your business.

With this selling system, you’ll be able to

  • Create over 800 combinations of custom styles
  • Have an interactive experience with your customer
  • Choose from a wide array of styles and metal qualities

Piece by Piece Selling System

Comprehensive Selling System

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Settings Only Expansion

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Settings And Shanks Expansion

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Tips & Tricks

What's in the selling system?

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Piece by Piece selling system
Packaging and Display Catalog 2020

Piece by Piece selling system guide

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More than 800 combinations with 36 magnetic peg heads and 24 compatible shanks



Mix and match setting and shank designs, stone size, shape, orientation, and metal qualities


Wide Appeal

An extensive range of styles and metal qualities to choose from


Long-Lasting Prototypes

Made of tarnish-resistant and durable alloy

Frequently Asked Questions

The Comprehensive Selling System has 36 magnetic peg heads, 24 compatible shanks, lid, graphics and signage, kickstand, presentation tray, polishing cloth, and a selling system map.

The 2021 Settings Only Expansion features four fancy shapes: oval, emerald, pear, and square. Each shape ranges from 1/2 carat to 3 carats.

The 2021 Expansion Pack comes in 12 shanks and the four fancy shape carat run-up of settings and a selling system map.

It depends on when you bought your Comprehensive Selling System. If you purchased it before April 2021, we suggest buying the 2021 Expansion, since it contains the 12 new shanks and the four new fancy-shaped settings.

you purchased it after April 2021, we suggest buying the 2021 Settings Only Expansion, as you already have the new shanks.

For replacement pieces, there is a $50 fee for each individual piece needed. To submit a request for replacement pieces, please call 800-877-7777, ext. 2528

1/17/2022 Market Prices:
Gold 1817.85 Platinum 984.00 Silver 23.02