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Laser Welders

Rely on Stuller to find the right laser welder and everything you need for years of profitable operation.

Boost your bottom line

Investing in a laser welder is a proven way to increase your jewelry shop’s precision, productivity, and profits. With simple maintenance, they provide years of return on investment by helping you

  • Avoid risky torch work by using the precision of a laser.
  • Keep all the profits for yourself instead of outsourcing work.
  • Reduce repair times by up to 50% and finish most jobs in under an hour.
  • Use convenient presets for metal type and operation.
  • Get 70–80% stronger repair welds by fusing metal to itself.
  • Expand repair business to eyeglasses, watches, medical tools, and more.

Get expert consultation on your purchase

The Tools Tech Team at Stuller is ready to help you find the perfect laser welder for your operation. Call 800-877-7777, ext. 4300, weekdays 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central, or connect anytime below.

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Selecting the right laser welder

Freestanding Models

  • Freestanding on the floor requiring a larger workspace
  • Better for experienced users, but any skill level can use
  • Good for higher daily usage including larger repair shops
  • Relatively higher cost

Desktop Models

  • Sit on top of a work surface requiring a smaller workspace
  • Better for beginners, but any skill level can use
  • Good for lower daily usage including smaller jewelry stores
  • Relatively lower cost

Coherent®-Rofin Products

Orotig Products

Payment Options

Get the gear you need fast with easy payment methods.

ROI Calculator

See exactly how a laser welder increases your profits.

Laser Welders Guide

Includes detailed specs, advice from a specialist, and more.

First-Rate Support from B&D Sales and Service

B&D Sales and Service, a Stuller Company, is your support team in the field with technicians ready to help you diagnose issues, make adjustments, get replacement parts, or walk you through a process. Additional services are available for Coherent®-Rofin, Orotig, BN Laser, Best Built, and SIRO Lasertec equipment, including

  • Machine Cleaning - Removal of body panels and cleaning of all interior dust, dirt, and debris
  • Filter Replacement - Air and water filter replacement for prolonged machine life
  • Preventative Maintenance - Comprehensive maintenance to stop issues in advance
  • Diagnostic Evaluations - Diagnosis of error codes and malfunctions to get you back on track
  • Mirror Alignment - Full calibration of interior mirrors to ensure laser beam accuracy

Stuller's service and support partner.

B&D Sales and Service serves you with decades of expertise in laser equipment for jewelry applications and beyond.

  • B & D Sales and Service
  • Cranston, Rhode Island
  • Phone: 401-781-4810
  • Email: Sales@BDSales.com

Laser Welders and Engravers Guide

Find the perfect laser welder or engraver for your operation with our comprehensive guide.

Training Classes

Our Basic Laser Welder Training class, held at Stuller, is a hands-on way to learn all the basics you need to operate your laser welder safely and profitably.

3/20/2023 Market Prices:
Gold 1969.35 Platinum 998.00 Silver 22.50