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COVID-19 Update

In an effort to minimize COVID-19 exposure for our employees, customers and community, the following events have been cancelled for the remainder of 2020: all Trainings scheduled through August, Bench Jeweler Workshop and Bridge Events. We will continue to monitor and evaluate the state of our future trainings scheduled later this year. Please review the remaining dates closely and contact the Stuller Events team at 800-877-7777, extension 2481 for any assistance.

Training Overview

Build your laser welding future in our basic laser training classes. These two-day classes are taught by master instructors and place you on the path for success as you gain hands-on experience with the latest in Coherent-Rofin® and Orotig laser welding technology.

While ideal for those who’ve never used a laser welder or have less than two years’ experience, this class offers an all-encompassing laser welding education all attendees will find beneficial. You’ll learn laser installation, settings, metals, and more—and return home with the foundation necessary to cultivate your individual style and take your business further.

COST (per attendee): $500.00


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2020 February 26-27 FULL September 23-24
October 14-15  

All training classes are offered at the Stuller headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana.

*please note recent date changes to some trainings

Why Should I Attend?

Start with the Basics

What is a laser? What does it do? How does it work? What are the parameters? How can each affect different metal types? Which touch screen settings do what?


You’ll learn the installation process, all of the parameters, and how each setting works, as well as the relationship between different metals and metal types. We will walk you through safety operations and preventative maintenance.

Hands-On Training

Bring up to three actual jobs from your shop to work on. Learn using the types of jobs you do on a regular basis.

Who Benefits?

We recommend this training class for anyone who currently owns a laser welder or jewelers who are contemplating purchasing a laser welder in the near future.

Need a Laser Welder?

Choosing the right laser welder for your shop is crucial. Laser welders are invaluable tools, and the right choice will result in a multitude of benefits. Shop Now

Calculate the ROI

How can you afford to be without a laser welder? Check out our convenient ROI calculator to see how a laser welder could impact your shop numbers. Calculate

7/8/2020 Market Prices:
Gold 1811.10 Platinum 848.00 Silver 18.49