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2017 Dates

2 Day event Held at Stuller HQ in Lafayette, LA

May 17–18, 2017

June 28–29, 2017

July 10–11, 2017

August 23–24, 2017

Sept. 13–14, 2017

October 18–19, 2017

Start with the basics

What is a laser? What does it do? How does it work? What are the parameters? How can each affect different metal types? Which touch screen settings do what?


You’ll learn the installation process, all of the parameters, and how each setting works, as well as the relationship between different metals and metal types. We will walk you through safety operations and preventative maintenance.

Hands-On Training

Bring up to three actual jobs from your shop to work on. Learn using the types of jobs you do on a regular basis.

Who Benefits

We recommend this training class for anyone who currently owns a laser welder or jewelers who are contemplating purchasing a laser welder in the near future.

Need a laser welder

Choosing the right laser welder for your shop is crucial. Laser welders are invaluable tools, and the right choice will result in a multitude of benefits. Shop Now

calculate the ROI

How can you afford to be without a laser welder? Check out our convenient ROI calculator to see how a laser welder could impact your shop numbers. Calculate

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