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What is ever&ever®?

As an all-inclusive in-case bridal solution, ever&ever® offers a curated selection of classic and trending engagement ring and wedding band designs — each completely customizable. Every customer’s dream ring becomes a reality made with expert craftsmanship.

Become an ever&ever® Retail Partner

You become an authorized ever&ever® retail partner when you purchase either the core program (includes 35 engagement rings) or the comprehensive program (includes 75 engagement rings). You can choose one of our pre-merchandised options that come complete with a curated selection of our best-selling prototype styles or you can build your own assortment with more than 300 engagement ring designs.

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Curated Selection

The designs within ever&ever® represent a thoughtfully curated assortment of the most sought-after engagement ring styles — solitaire, accented, three-stone, and halo.

Easy and Quick Customization

Every ever&ever® engagement ring gives you the ability to choose the stone type, shape, and size as well as metal quality and color. Select designs even allow you to easily toggle shank accent stones on or off.

Custom Design Support

Take your designs to the next level. Add accent stones, modify the look of a halo-style design, remove gallery features, and so much more with the help of Stuller’s CAD/CAM Services. Or you can make any adjustment yourself using CounterSketch® — an intuitive design software that includes all ever&ever® styles as starting templates for unique creations.

Marketing Assets

Receive robust marketing support through our Marketing Assets Library, monthly ever&ever® newsletter, and expertly crafted social posts.


This customer-facing website lets customers browse the complete ever&ever® inventory, customize engagement ring designs, and find nearby ever&ever® jewelers. Register your business with Locate a Jeweler to be added to the retailer map on EverandEver.com

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83% of bridal customers want some form of customization.

Discover the full spectrum of solutions designed to meet your customization needs.

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Seasonal Enhancements

Refresh the designs in your ever&ever® selling system by purchasing a six-piece enhancement, which allows you to always have new designs on hand. Two sets of enhancements are released twice a year. Choose any pre-merchandised enhancement selling system or build your own with both modern and classic design options.

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Become an ever&ever® Retailer

With its many benefits, ever&ever® offers you the power to claim a larger market share and achieve new levels of bridal success.


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7/19/2024 Market Prices:
Gold 2403.50 Platinum 966.00 Silver 29.11