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Increase your speed to market, maximize your productivity, and serve your customers faster with the B9 Core Series. A professional 3D printing solution, the B9 Core Series 3D printers are designed to suit a multitude of applications including jewelry, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, industrial design and engineering, research, and more.
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Why choose B9 3D Printing Solutions?

  • Print speeds reaching 100+ mm per hour
  • Low cost per unit of throughput and resin vats lasting thousands of prints
  • Wide selection of design, engineering, and castable resins
  • Free, world-class factory startup assistance and tech support
  • Return on investment in 12-18 months with financing available
  • Platform open to third-party materials and custom material development toolkit
  • Intuitive print preparation software with job queuing, surface finish, and FAST™ technology

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B9 Core 530

B9 Core 530 turned left

Bring your most detailed designs to life with outstanding precision and surface finish with the B9 Core 530. It offers all the features of the Core 550 with finer resolution. Its speed and simplicity make it perfect for designers, shops and small jewelry businesses. Finally, a tool you can depend on at a price that fits your business.

  • Print dimensions: 57.6 x 32.4 x 127mm
  • Print Speeds: 40-120+ mm/hr
  • Effective Resolution with FAST™: <15µm

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B9 Core 550

B9 Core 550 turned forward

When your business requires repeatability, precision, and surface finish with industry-leading speed and production capacity, the B9 Core 550 is your choice. Its low operating costs, networkable architecture for scalability, and ease of use are ideal for high-volume businesses where operators need to focus on production, not calibrating printers.

  • Print dimensions: 96 x 54 x 127mm
  • Print Speeds: 25-100+ mm/hr
  • Effective Resolution with FAST™: <25µm

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B9 Core XL

B9 Core XL turned right

With a build volume nearly five times the B9 Core 530 and two times the B9 Core 550, the B9 Core XL offers a digital manufacturing solution that eliminates the need to choose between a larger build area and high-precision. Enabled with patent-pending FAST™ technology, it delivers volume production and effective resolution finer than 25µm.

  • Print dimensions: 124.8 x 70.2 x 127mm
  • Print Speeds 15-85+ mm/hr
  • Effective Resolution with FAST™ <25µm

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Our CAD/CAM Services team can provide superior casting quality of your model.

Discover the full spectrum of solutions designed to meet your customization needs.

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CounterSketch® and B9Creations™ Integration

Take your customer’s shopping experience to the next level with the help of CounterSketch® and B9Creations™. Create an interactive custom design experience that allows them to try on resin samples of their finished jewelry design before completing their purchase — all within the first visit.

Bundle Pricing starting at $11,895


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