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Asiga® 3D Printers

Take your CAD/CAM production to the next level with Asiga® 3D Printers, renowned for their innovation, precision, and model surface finish for casting and more. Smart features for busy jewelers make Asiga printers stand out.

  • Material change in under 30 seconds and single point calibration in under 60 seconds.

  • Touch-screen display for intuitive operation and information, such as remaining build time.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to place your printer anywhere. Remote access allows you to control it from a web browser when you are away.

  • Printer can resume a build in its exact position after an unexpected power outage.

  • Light monitor adjusts to exact lighting conditions during build for best results.

  • Integrated heater continuously optimizes resin temperature for best performance.

  • Advanced software options allow detailed control of your build, if desired.

  • Uses common file formats exported from CAD software like Matrix® and RhinoGold.

Asiga MAX Mini 3D Printer

MAX Mini

Delivers the latest Smart Positioning System Technology in an economical format ideal for jewelry studios.

Prints up to 11 rings in one hour based on the X, Y, Z sample ring build size of 22×6.5×27mm.

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Asiga MAX X 35 3D Printer

MAX X 35

Flexible precision with the latest Smart Positioning System Technology, adaptable to both extreme resolution and high productivity applications.

Prints up to 18 rings in one hour based on the X, Y, Z sample ring build size of 22×6.5×27mm.

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Open Grow Resins 3D Printer

Open Grow Resin

Relax. With Open Grow, your open-source 3D printer has a resin you can count on. Open Grow produces exceptional resolution and smooth surfaces making your work easier. Get it exclusively from Stuller — we use it and love it.

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3D Printing Bundles

Asiga Bundle 24-1197 3D Printer

Save up to $1,000 with one of our 4 new printing bundles featuring the Asiga MAX series, Stuller Open Grow Spectrum HD, and either the Firefly kit or the CUREbox post-curing chamber.

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Printer Resins and Replacement Parts

Maintain your printer by replacing accessories as needed.

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Digital Technology Training

Employ the full capabilities of your 3D printer. This one-day introductory course focuses on getting you up to speed on 3D printing from setup and calibration to curing and casting.

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