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Take your CAD/CAM production to the next level with Asiga® 3D Printers, renowned for their innovation, precision, and model surface finish for casting and more. Smart features for busy jewelers make Asiga printers stand out—

  • Material change in under 30 seconds and Single Point Calibration in under 60 seconds.

  • Touch-Screen Display for intuitive operation and information, such as remaining build time.

  • Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to place your printer anywhere, with remote access to control it from a web browser when you are away.

  • Printer can resume a build in its exact position after an unexpected power outage.

  • Light monitor adjusts to exact lighting conditions during build for best results.

  • Integrated heater continuously optimizes resin temperature for best performance.

  • Advanced software options allow detailed control of your build, if desired.

  • Uses common file formats exported from CAD software like Matrix® and RhinoGold.

All Asiga® 3D Printers utilize the same proven technology and come with Composer software, lifetime technical support, and lifetime software updates. This makes finding the right printer and material combination as easy as selecting your desired output and casting.


PICO2 39

PICO2 Printer

A compact, yet powerful, desktop 3D printer, the PICO2 39 prints high-quality models and patterns.
Prints up to 20 small parts in less than one hour.

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PICO2 50

PICO2 Printer

Just as compact as the PICO2 39, the PICO2 50 provides higher resolution and a larger build envelope for more output.
Prints up to 20 small parts in less than one hour.

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PICO2 HD Printer

With a build envelope for large items, the PICO2HD offers capacity and the highest resolution.
Prints up to 30 small parts in less than one hour.

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Freeform PRO2 50

Freeform PRO2

The largest system, the PRO2, is a robust 3D printer to maximize high-volume output of models.
Prints up to 100 small parts in less than four hours.

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Printer Ring Example

Asiga offers a printer for every level of operation.

See what printer is right for you in this detailed comparison guide showing you exact jewelry output using this ring sample.

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Cast in Gold


Consistent, high-quality resin material used for direct investment casting.


Cast in Gold

SuperCAST v3

Similar to SuperCAST HD, this next-generation material delivers faster print speeds and increased precision.


Cast in Platinum, Gold, Silver


Melts like wax at 122° F. A slower, more detailed build in this material integrates into your existing wax workflow. Not compatible with FREEFORM PRO2.


For Rubber Molds


For high-temperature use, this material is suitable for vulcanized rubber molds.


While these printers are compatible with all suitable 3D printing materials, Asiga offers a great selection of high-quality compounds ideal for jewelry casting and more. These resins have long shelf life to maximize your investment in material and are optimized for use with the Asiga printers.
Use this material guide for detailed burnout and investment directions.

Payment Options

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Replacement Parts

24-1136 - Asiga Pro2™-Pack

Asiga Pro2™ Build Tray - Pack of 2

24-1142 - Asiga Pico2 and Pico2 HD

Asiga Pico2 and Pico2 HD Build Tray -
Pack of 2

24-1143 - Asiga Pico2 and Pico2 HD Safety Tray

Asiga Pico2 and Pico2 HD Safety Tray

24-1144 - Asiga Pico2 and Pico2 HD Safety Tray

Asiga® Build Platform for PICO2™ Series and PICO2™ HD

Market prices as of 7/17/2018
Gold 1232.80 Platinum 825.00 Silver 15.77