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Asiga® 3D Printers

Looking to print wax and resin models of your custom designs for in-store try-ons or direct casting production?

Asiga® is and has long been a leader in the rapidly expanding market for 3D printers. With a focus on the dental and jewelry industries, Asiga printers are renowned for their innovative features, precision, and superior surface finish of the models they produce.

A few of the key features that make Asiga printers stand out—

  • Wi-Fi connectivity for minimizing clutter in your shop

  • Touch Screen Displays for intuitive operation

  • Single Point Calibration that lets you calibrate your machine in under 30 seconds


PICO2 Printer

A compact, yet powerful, desktop 3D printer, the Pico 2 lets you print intricate, high-quality master models and casting patterns.

Prints up to 20 parts in less than one hour


PICO2 HD Printer

With a big enough build envelope to print larger items like bangles, the Pico2 HD offers incredible resolution and capacity in a desktop printer.

Prints up to 30 parts in less than one hour

Freeform PRO2

Freeform PRO2

Asiga’s largest system, the PRO2 is a robust, professional 3D printer if you’re looking to ramp up production of models and patterns.

Prints up to 100 parts in four hours

Asiga 3D Printing Materials

While Asiga printers are compatible with all suitable 3D printing materials,
Asiga also makes its own line of high-quality compounds for a variety of tasks.


Wax material used for the direct casting of platinum and gold alloys


Material for high temperature environments and suitable for vulcanized rubber molds


Resin material used for the direct investment casting of gold alloys

SuperCAST v3

Resin material used for faster print speeds and the direct casting of gold alloys

Replacement Trays

24-1136 - Asiga Pro 2-Pack

Asiga Pro2 Build Tray - Pack of 2

24-1135 - Asiga Pico2 and Pico2 HD

Asiga Pico2 and Pico2 HD Build Tray -
Pack of 2

Lease to Own

Want a 3D printer and don’t want to wait? See how our Lease to Own program can help.

To see your potential payment schedules,
use Fernwood’s convenient leasing calculator.

For more information or technical assistance setting up your machine, fill out this form or call the Tools Tech team at 800-877-7777, ext. 4300.

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Market prices as of 2/17/2017
Gold 1241.95 Platinum 1009.00 Silver 18.01