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What is 3C?

Show customers options beyond the case with the free 3C experience on Stuller.com. It allows you to easily change center stone size, shape, and gem type, as well as metal quality, on a large selection of flexible styles. You can even brand the 3C experience using Showcase mode.

HOW IT WORKS -- give your customers exactly what they want

Choose A Center Stone Shape

Every 3C flexible design is available with multiple
center stone shapes.

Choose Center Stone Size

Choose from a broad range of sizes. No matter the size, 3C designs always look balanced and well proportioned.

Choose A Center Stone Type

You can select a specific stone from our inventory, featuring the largest selection of gem types available, or you can set your own stone.

Choose A Metal Quality

All 3C designs are available in 13 metal qualities.

Add A Matching Band

A custom fit matching band option is available with every 3C flexible engagement ring.

Finish With Flexibility

You have control over every aspect of the design and creation of each piece. Design a mounting, semi-set,
or fully set piece.

What customers are saying

“3C has been a game changer for the way I do my business. I once had a customer ask me for a very obscure request. He wanted a rose gold ring with black diamond melee. With the customer in front of me, I quickly pulled out my iPad and modified a 3C piece to match his specifications. Because of Stuller’s 3C, I did not disappoint my customer, and I walked away with a sale.”

Liam Barnett | Barnett Jewelers, Jacksonville, FL

Want More Customization Options?

Provide what your customers want with our customization solutions, or rely on the experts at Stuller with our customization services.

7/12/2024 Market Prices:
Gold 2406.85 Platinum 999.00 Silver 30.72