Inside Look At Stuller Gemstones

Sourced from all corners of the world, Stuller Gemstones stand out for their quality and brilliance. Learn more about our entire process from ethical sourcing methods to delivering top-notch customer service every time.

Video Transcript

Gemstones come from all over the world, and we love to go find them. From the most remote corners to the largest cities, finding the best stones at the right prices can be challenging. But… it’s worth it to make sure our jewelers have just what they NEED at JUST the right time. 

Our team personally inspects each stone to ensure Stuller only offers the best. We remind people of stones that have been forgotten or overlooked and those oldies but goodies - we show them how they can be used in new and exciting ways. The sheer quantity of stones that we process in a year really means you can get anything that you could want. 

We work to minimize the number of hands each stone passes through, getting ever closer to the source and being very transparent about that supply chain so we can help preserve these precious stones for generations to come. 

From start to finish we do everything here. Ombre, rainbows, unusual matches, suites and pairs, even pearl stringing, we really do it all. 

From Notable gems to help inspire you or moissanite to meet the latest trend in bridal to all the sizes, cuts, shapes, and colors in our natural and lab-grown calibrated collections, AND over a million stones in inventory for next day delivery, I KNOW that we have the perfect stone for you. 


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7/1/2022 Market Prices:
Gold 1797.45 Platinum 877.00 Silver 19.73