Prototype Line Bracelet Selling System

     Offer line bracelet options to your customer with this pre-merchandised selling system.       

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Video Transcript

Timeless, elegant line bracelets make the perfect gift, and now is the time to have options readily available for your customer. 

This pre-merchandised selling system makes it easy with prototype samples of our best-selling line bracelet style in five different carat total weights ranging from 1 ctw to 5 ctw. 

All prototype bracelets come in a 7 1/4-inch length and have a convenient insert detailing all line bracelet information, such as stone sizes, stone counts, diamond clarity, diamond color and suggested retail pricing. 

Within our newest line bracelet addition, you have the option to choose between classic natural diamond line bracelets or attractively priced lab-grown diamond line bracelets that are ready to ship for next-day delivery. 

This selling system has a compact modular display with kickstand for easy setup and a small in-case footprint. 

It comes with a detailed product guide that showcases the entire collection, as well as additional best-selling line bracelets at suggested retail pricing. 

This system is the perfect, easy-to-use shopping tool with low inventory investment.

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5/13/2021 Market Prices:
Gold 1821.80 Platinum 1212.00 Silver 26.82