GemLightBox Turntable Add-on

This streamlined system is designed to provide the ultimate in magnification simplicity for jewelry manufacturing and artistry. Dazor's floating arm allows the user complete control over orienting the HD camera into any desired position, making it a breeze to work under.

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Video Transcript

The turntable add-on to the GemLightBox can take your photography to the next level.  Let's run through how to set it up.

Setting up your GemLight Box turntable is very simple. Connect the supplied power cable into the side of the turntable. Inside the GemLightBox you will find an additional connection. This is the power source for the GemLight Box turn table add on. You can leave it as is if you do not have the turntable. Place the turntable inside the GemLight Box and make sure it is centered by locking the legs underneath into position. To power on the turntable, click the black button on the side. You will notice the turntable is powered when the backlight is on. To connect your GemLightBox turntable, simply go to the GemLightBox application and make sure your Bluetooth is turned on. Click on the “Connect to Bluetooth” icon then tap “Scan” to detect your turntable. Once the device is successfully detected tap on “GemLightBox” to connect. Your screen will read “connected” if the Bluetooth connection was successful. If your turntable does not appear on, reset the turntable and the application. To capture videos, simply place your jewelry in the GemLight Box. Tap to focus, adjust the brightness, and lastly click to capture. We also have the option to create a 90-degree video where the turntable will stop at 90 degrees. This is usually used for gemstones and certain engagement rings.

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