Inside Ring Engraving with the Best Built Laser Engraving Machine

Learn how to engrave the inside of a ring with the L100 Best Built Laser Engraver .

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Video Transcript

Alright, so I'm going to show you how to do inside ring engraving using the laser machine. First, you need to get the proper diameters, so inside diameter 19.7, 4.9.  So I'll go to the program. Ring 19.7, and 4.9. Hit okay. Now you've got the ring template.  We're gonna get the text, Inside Ring Engraver. Select the text, center it.  We're gonna select Scan, Laser Engraving.  Make the gap about 0.1, it should be good.  Create.  Select Machine, Select Inside Engraving.  Now we go to the machine. 

a single batch right here.  Take the ring and place it on the single notch.   Make sure your machine is on.  Okay now if you look at the program it adjusted to 65 millimeters but we're gonna readjust it afterward.  So you have an 8 showing, it says 11 degrees on the program so we're gonna raise this 11 degrees first.  At 11 degrees the H is still a little bit off so I'm gonna raise it up until I see a clear H. That H is the center so I'm going to move it to the right little bit right there.  So second I'm gonna measure the height again. We raised the stake here so it's at 69 milliliters so come back to the program. I'm going to hit 69, Apply.  Then once I apply, hit Power.  90 percent, 1,000, repeat only once and we're gonna send the job. Here we go.  

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