Findings and Metals Catalog 2020-2021: More New Product

Take advantage of over 700 new series being featured in the 2020 Findings Catalog for the first time, all labeled with a "New" badge for quick identification.

Video Transcript

In Stuller’s new Findings Catalog, you’ll find more new product than ever before. Now with over 700 new series featured in a Findings catalog for the first time. Each item is labeled with a “New” badge to quickly identify product developed since the previous catalog’s release. This includes modern fashion-forward components, on-trend French-set findings, and a vast expansion of set and semi-set items across all categories. Many existing styles have also been expanded to include a greater selection of Rose gold quality options. Find something new in Stuller's new Findings Catalog, available now!

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5/22/2020 Market Prices:
Gold 1733.55 Platinum 856.00 Silver 17.00