Findings and Metals Catalog 2020-2021: Improved Navigation

In the 2020 Findings Catalog , take advantage of more than a dozen color-coded tabbed sections, as well as detailed buyer's guides within each section.

Video Transcript

Searching for items in our new Findings Catalog is easier than ever, with more than a dozen color-coded tabbed sections. Chain, trim, pendant, and earring components now feature their own sections separate from mountings or clasps.

Take advantage of buyer’s guides within each section with a detailed look at what’s inside. Product types and inspiration will help you create works of your own. Plus, you’ll see specific links to where you can find real-time pricing and easy access to every product. Find what you’re looking for in Stuller’s new findings catalog, available now!

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5/22/2020 Market Prices:
Gold 1733.55 Platinum 856.00 Silver 17.00