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Hey everyone, welcome to JCK. I'm here with Alisse and we are talking about some of our new religious selling systems. She's going to tell us a little bit about these.

Yeah, so we'll start right here. This is our birthstone religious selling system. It comes in 14 carat live gold samples, in genuine birthstones. We are selling this for $1799 and it will come with a product guide to give you all of the information of available lab created stones as well as sterling silver and other qualities that it's available in.

And then we also have here our core religious selling system. Just this option right up here is our pre-merchandised version that involves our bestselling cross necklaces, rings, and earrings. This goes for $1999; however, should the customer you know, want to personalize it, we do have a BYO (build your own) option available as well where they can choose between the rows that you see here or this option as well as the spiritual option which will be coming later on. And that will just be some of the components involved.

Alright so if you're interested in these products, come on over to our booth, 13089. We are wrapped all the way around the booth. The religious section is around the other side. So if you're coming from Michigan Avenue make sure you walk to the back and come check this stuff out.

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