JCK 2019: Best Built Laser Engraver

We talk with Shawn Albert about the latest in laser engraving technology.

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Video Transcript

Alright we're back in the tools section of the booth and something just released here at JCK is the new Best Built engraver and it's pretty cool.  So Shawn is gonna tell us all about this one. 

Yes a new exclusive to Stuller, engraver. Very easy to use.  You can do imagery, you can engrave on the inside, outside of rings, you can engrave pendants.  The Magic Art software is the same software that is drag type systems use so very very easy and simple and quick.  As you can see this is an image we took of Jeremy and it printed within about five minutes.

Alright and I've been seeing this machine work all day. It is pretty nifty so if you're around come out check it out.  It's a good price point right?   It is for $19,500. It's unheard of this type of quality this type of imagery you can get for nineteen five is really really good.  Alright well come check it out guys.
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