JCK 2019: DiaTrue Scanner

We talk with Shawn Albert about the latest in diamond screening, the DiaTrue.

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Video Transcript

Hey everyone, we are in the tools section of our booth and we are talking diamond screeners and detectors. One of the cool new tools that we have here at JCK this year is the DiaTrue and Shawn is gonna show us how it works.
So yes, one of the hottest new items is the DiaTrue. It will test for HPHT and CVD diamonds. Very easy to use. Goes into the tray like this. Slide it in here. Press Play. And what it'll do is it'll take around 20 seconds, once the test is done it will light up the stones in different colors. And there's a legend on the right that tells you what each color means. In a few more seconds it will give us the results. There we go, now it's showing you the fluorescence, it breaks down the HPHT stone, and the most important screen that I think is this one which shows you at the top a natural, in the middle looks like a smoky quartz which would be a moissanite, and this one would be the HPHT diamond.

Alright, so this is just one of the new cool tools that we have here at JCK this year. We have a whole other part of this tools booth. Come out and check it out.

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