JCK 2019: Canadamark™ Diamonds

Hear from Heather Chustz about the journey of Canadamark™ Diamonds from rough to polished.

Video Transcript

Alright everybody, we are in our diamond and gemstone section of the booth and this year we're telling a little bit of a story with our Canadamark diamonds. Heather, tell us a little bit about this display.

Okay so what you see here, we have our Canadamark diamonds basically telling the journey of the diamond from rough to polished. So as you can see we've got three different pieces of rough that are all from Canadamark. These are diamonds that are in the middle of the manufacturing process and then you can see the end result here. We have our large Canadamark diamonds which come with grading reports and then we have our melee Canadamark diamonds as well which are also traced from rough to polished just traced in batches rather than individually like our large diamonds.

And why are you guys kind of displaying this at the show this year? Well we feel like it's really important. Customers are now asking where their diamonds are coming from and we feel like Canadamark gives those customers that answer. So it really traces the diamonds like I said from rough all the way to polished. So it gives that customer security and knowing what they're purchasing.

Alright well if you want to come check out this display it's in our diamond and gemstone section of the booth right smack in the middle, so come and check it out.

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