JCK 2019: Gemvision

Hear from Heather Kutzman about the new Gemvision software, CounterSketch Streaming® and MatrixGold®.

Video Transcript

Alright, we are in the Gemvision area of our booth and this year we are talking about MatrixGold and CounterSketch Streaming, some new updates to both of them.  So Heather's going to tell us a little bit about that.

So CounterSketch Streaming is our newest product for CounterSketch this year and the biggest difference is how you access CounterSketch. So previously, you've had to purchase a computer and run CounterSsketch locally.  What we've done with Streaming is we've taken away all of those demands.  You can actually run CounterSketch now on a Mac or a Windows computer and you have the ability to simply stream it so it doesn't have to be a high power gaming computer.  It uses any computer that you've got around and we also take care of all of the maintenance updates. Support is included with Streaming.  You also get access to our online training academy which can be really helpful as you have new employees come onboard, get them trained up to use the software. It's a $2,000 initial fee to get started which covers all of your training costs and your annual service fees and then from that point forward it's just $250 a month to access the service.  So it's a really great way to get started using CounterSketch in your store and offer that as a new service to your customers.  We also offer a second seat for customers who already have Perpetual so it's a great way again if you want to be able to interact and use CounterSketch but not have the big upfront investment.

With MatrixGold we've got a lot of great new tools.  We're super excited about that one. We've got our parametric history so that allows you to make changes to the design at any point in the process.  We also have Dynamic Booleans which allow you to kind of cut without breaking history so you can make changes again along the way at any point.  We've also got a new content library which is really really helpful especially if you're new to MatrixGold because it gives you the ability to bring in shanks or heads, parts and pieces without having to build everything yourself.  So we're really excited about the new features in MatrixGold and again, that one if you're a loyal customer, we're actually offering a discount of $2,000 off the price so it's a great time to get involved with MatrixGold.

Awesome so if you guys want to come demo any of these products, come check it out in our booth.  It's kind of on the back side of it but it's in the center still so come check it out, come demo them.

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