JCK 2019: Magnetic Ring Builder Selling System

Hear from Alissa Talbot about the new Magnetic Ring Builder Selling System.

Video Transcript

Alright guys we are with our findings product manager Alyssa and she is gonna tell us about something that's a really big hit here at the show and it's the Magnetic Ring Builder Selling System. Tell us a little bit about it.

So Nichole, what we have here is basically a new prototype selling system that really allows the customer to connect the dots and have that visual example of what a
fully finished look will come to when you're shopping for engagement product. So everything incorporates magnets to where you have an actual shank with a magnet at the top and if you want to visualize what a one carat looks like you can pop it right on. Or maybe you want to see a difference between a round and a square you can choose that and again it really allows you to visualize what the end result will be. Just further connecting the dots for the end customer or consumer. Alright and how many different combinations are there with this one piece? So this is over 800 combinations. It's really endless possibilities. We have different metal qualities shown here in prototype, but in the live good you can get almost any of the metal qualities that we have available on Stuller.com. So completely customizable and just an example of 800 options.

Alrighty well if you're around, come check this out. It's really cool to play with.

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