JCK 2019: Men's Wedding Bands

Hear from Erica Happe about our newest selection of men's wedding bands .

Video Transcript

Alright we're back in our booth in the all-new area. This is the men's area of our booth and Erica's gonna tell us a little bit about what we have displayed out here.

Absolutely so this year we brought an entire men's section to JCK. In addition to our modular wedding band kits on these three tables here we have a mixture of precious metal bands as well as contemporary metal bands with some watch bands in-between. We also have an array of money clips as well as tie bars and collar stays as well as signet rings. So a really large assortment of men's product here at JCK this year.

Alright so if you're around the area, come check it out.

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5/13/2021 Market Prices:
Gold 1821.80 Platinum 1212.00 Silver 26.82