How to Promote Color Center Engagements

More brides are looking to showcase their unique style with a color center engagement ring. Discover how to get your customers crazy about color!

Video Transcript

Whether it’s a birthstone, zodiac gemstone, or favorite color, more brides are looking to showcase their unique style with a color center engagement ring. Here are a few ways to get your customers crazy about color!

Gemstones have Meaning 
The ancient Egyptians believed the ring finger had a vein, dubbed the vein of love by the Romans, that ran directly to the heart. Offering a gemstone engagement ring invites certain energies into a customer’s life and marriage. Pink is regarded as a color of romance, so offer a light pink morganite or pink tourmaline. For other options, offer an aquamarine to symbolize loyalty or an emerald to signify unconditional love.

Everyone has a Favorite Color
Color plays an important, yet different role for every customer, and it can be represented with a variety of stones. A customer could be drawn to the royal blue of a sapphire, the tranquil blue of an aquamarine or the mysterious purpleish blue hue of a tanzanite. Offer stones in varying tones to ensure your customer finds the color they’re looking for.

Price Pointed Show Stoppers
While a large ruby or emerald may cause a customer to rethink that center stone, there are plenty of color options to capture their heart and price point. Choosing a Rubelite Tourmaline in place of a rare ruby, or a Tsavorite Garnet instead of an emerald provides a unique option at a more affordable price. Plus, offering lab-created stones in a variety of shapes and colors is a great option for your eco-conscious customers!

Whether your customer wants to break tradition or just wants to express their individuality, there’s a color option to offer. For tips to help you introduce color in your store, contact our gemstone team at extension 546 or visit

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