How to Display Rainbow Gemstones

Gemstones Director, Emily Graffagnino gives tips on how to display color in your showcase.

Video Transcript

Designers all around the world are embracing the rainbow trend, which makes it a great time to sell color in your store.  Today we will go over 3 tips for bringing your stones out of the vault and into the case to ignite some gemstone sales.

Rainbow doesn’t have to mean red, yellow and orange, to blue and purple. This year's trend can be interpreted through bold color assortments, as well as muted assortments- even ombres. When bringing out color, remember it’s really all about variety and fun!

Showing customers inspired layouts is a great way to spark their inspiration and offers them several possibilities. Remember to have fun inspired earring layouts that don’t have to match.

Finally, if you have some great one of a kind stones in the vault, bring them to life in a simple layout. Showing customers these one of a kind stones can certainly lead to a custom design sale.

For more tips and tricks visit And for any of your gemstone questions or needs, give our team a call at Ext. 546.

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