Displaying Moissanite in Your Store

Gemstone Director, Emily Graffagnino offers tips for displaying moissanite in your store. Learn more about moissanite here.

Video Transcript

Moissanite is providing a great opportunity within the jewelry space. Pinterest searches for moissanite engagement rings are up 294 percent since 2017. It's an eco-friendly option that is more than a fraction of the price of a diamond. Today, we will go over three tips for bringing moissanite into your cases. Add a selection of moissanite into your bridal case that includes a run up of most popular diamond sizes from half carat to three carat in both DF and GHI for a nice price point option to offer your customers. If your customer is looking for a bold, luxury look exotic moissanites are just the thing. Ranging from six carats to 15 carats diamond equivalent weight, these statement centers are the perfect "wow". Don't forget about the groom with this selection of moissanite that will be the perfect complement for your men's wedding bands. They are also great for men's ear studs for that trendy groom who wants to make a statement. For more tips and tricks, visit Stuller.com and for any of your gemstone questions or needs give our team a call at extension 546.
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