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3C Experience

Show customers options beyond the case with the free 3C Experience on Stuller.com. It allows you to easily change center stone size, shape, and gem type, as well as metal quality, on a large selection of flexible styles.

Video Transcript

When your customer is inspired by our beautiful prototypes or any flexible design from our catalogs or online, you can show them additional design options right on screen, using the free 3C experience on Stuller.com.  Preview designs with any gemstone and metal combination.  Once a style is selected, personalize the design.  All 3C flexible styles are available in 13 metal qualities and as a mounting, semi-mount, or have Stuller set and finish the piece.  This free experience makes it easy to go beyond the case and close more sales.
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4/14/2021 Market Prices:
Gold 1735.55 Platinum 1184.00 Silver 25.33