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Designer Bridal Collection

Stuller’s Designer Bridal Collection is a curated assortment of the top trending engagement ring and anniversary band designs. From intricate details to bold, showstopping accents, the engagement rings within this collection cater to the standout bride looking for a ring that is truly unforgettable.

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Prototype Assortments for the Modern Bride

Designed to offer a range of aesthetics, our prototype assortments within the collection are sure to give any customer the opportunity to find a dream ring. Shop by collection or individual assortments for both in-store solutions and ready-to-sell pieces.

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New 2023 Styles


When are assortments released?

Updated annually, our collection includes four pre-merchandised assortments of eight prototype bridal styles each. Updated every spring, catering to the most in-demand engagement ring styles and design elements of the year.


Can assortments be purchased individually?

Our collection is available by assortment or as a 32-piece comprehensive selling solution, giving your customers access to as many styles as you choose. The hexagonal shape of each assortment also allows you to build, stack, and connect for a unique display that is sure to catch the eye.

What is the difference between a prototype and a live product?

As one of our prototype-only selling solutions, our Designer Bridal Collection allows you to display eye-catching designs to customers in store with an opportunity for expanding your inventory with minimal investment.

By purchasing the comprehensive Designer Bridal Collection selling system, you can offer customers the option of an interactive experience to see styles up close. For a complete, ready-to-sell option, you can also purchase individual, live product styles that bring unique styles from case to customer right within your store.

Once your customer finds the dream ring, you can head to Stuller.com for further customization or easily order any design from our collection with in-stock inventory and quick delivery.

Make Each Style One of a Kind

Through Stuller’s CAD/CAM Services, offer your customers another avenue for further customization with our Modify a Style option. Get started by selecting the Modify This Style button on any Designer Bridal piece and provide details on how you would like to adjust the design. For questions about this service, call 800-527-5057, or Live Chat with our experts on Stuller.com.

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12/7/2023 Market Prices:
Gold 2026.90 Platinum 922.00 Silver 23.91