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Royal Asscher Cut Sapphires

Stuller is the exclusive distributor of loose Royal Asscher® Cut sapphires.

Known globally for the invention of the first patented diamond cut in the world, the Asscher Cut, Royal Asscher debuted a superior and more beautiful successor in 2001, the Royal Asscher Cut, with 16 additional facets. After building a highly trusted reputation for diamonds, they have implemented the same cut for sapphires with outstanding results. These loose sapphires are available in blue, purple, pink, white, and yellow, both natural and heat-treated, in a range of sizes.

The Royal Asscher® Story

Royal Asscher was founded in 1854 as the I.J Asscher Diamond Company, but became Royal Asscher in 1980 after being awarded the rare privilege of a Royal title by Queen Juliana of the Netherlands. The company has a legendary European heritage and an exclusive clientele of international royalty and celebrities – visitors to the company’s headquarters include Japan’s Emperor Hirohito, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard of The Netherlands. The Asscher family dynasty has had an indelible influence on the diamond industry – Joseph Asscher, at the request of King Edward VII, cut the largest diamond ever found, the famous 3,105 carat Cullinan stone which was cut into three parts to form part of Great Britain’s Crown Jewels. Joseph Asscher also designed and patented the original Asscher Cut in 1902. More than a century later Edward and Joop Asscher continued the Asscher’s legacy and created the Royal Asscher® Cut.

The difference between Royal Asscher® Cut and Asscher Cut

The Royal Asscher® Cut is the Asscher family’s successor to their original 1902 Asscher Cut, it has 16 extra facets, perfect symmetry and very strict proportions with incredible refraction of light. It is acknowledged by experts as a superior beauty in comparison to its predecessor. The Asscher family no longer cuts the original Asscher Cut, it’s patent expired during World War 2, at a time when the Asscher family were interned. The name Asscher, and indeed the story of the creation of the cut is often used today to glamorize the generic square-emerald “Asscher” cut. There are very few ’true’ vintage Asscher’s in circulation and the origin of these stones is impossible to determine. Royal Asscher’s signature diamond and sapphire is the now the Royal Asscher® Cut. Royal Asscher® surpasses industry standards by selecting from the World's top 5% of rough. Such is the level of expertise required, that there are less than seventy five people in the world who can polish to Royal Asscher's exact specifications.

Market prices as of 1/22/2018
Gold 1332.60 Platinum 1017.00 Silver 17.04