Enhance Your Repair Business from the Start

A recent survey conducted by INSTORE Magazine reported that nearly 42% of jewelers generate more than 50% of their profit from repairs and repair accounts for approximately 40% of all in-store foot traffic. These facts only reinforce the need for a strong repair business. Get the most out of your store's and make sure you streamline your take-in process, that you stock all necessary replacement parts, that you have the tools for success, and that you can return the piece your customer entrusted to you better than you received it. Ask yourself these questions.

  • Who in your store takes in repairs? What qualifications or experience do they have? Is the bench jeweler consulted during the process?
  • What tools and technology are used in the repair and take-in process? Do you utilize newer methods or approaches?
  • What is on your current repair checklist?
  • Do you consider time, skill of labor, and materials used when determing repair charges? Is labor something you frequently discount or negotiate?

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Shop by Repair Process

Intake Process

Having the appropriate equipment and supplies on-hand is key to creating an efficient intake process. We offer exactly what you need to tackle every repair that comes through the door.

Replacement Parts

From metals and findings to diamonds and gemstones, we carry everything you could possibly need to make a high-quality repair.

Tools for Repair

Having the right tools for the job is crucial. We have exactly what you are looking for to repair rings, bracelets, watches, and more.

Cleaning Tools

When the job is done, add the “wow” factor by giving your customer a piece that looks brand new. Check out these products that will have them returning for years to come.

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From the Bench Repair Issue

4/14/2021 Market Prices:
Gold 1735.55 Platinum 1184.00 Silver 25.33