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Religious Medals

Faith-based gifts are always popular. Choose from bestselling medals depicting a number of your favorite spiritual icons. Many styles are available in 14kt yellow, 14kt white, and sterling silver. Some medals have the option of being engraved.

St. Christopher

Legend holds that in the 3rd century St. Christopher carried the Christ child across a raging river. Since then he has been honored as the patron saint of travelers. (July 25th)

Miraculous Medals

In 1830, the Virgin Mary appeared to a nun named sister (now Saint) Catherine Laboure in Paris and showed her a vision of this exact medal, front and back, which she directed to be struck and distributed.

St. Michael

One of the archangels, he is the very popular patron saint of policemen. Also Radiologists (September 29th)

4-Way Cross

A four way cross pendant contains a Sacred Heart of Jesus Medal (also called a Scapular Medal) at the top of the four way cross, a Miraculous Medal at the bottom of the four way cross, a St. Joseph medal on the left of the four way medal, and a St. Christopher medal on the right of the four way medal.

St. Jude

One of the twelve apostles, known as the saint of the impossible. Hospitals (October 28th)

St. Anthony

Also called the wonder worker. A Franciscan preacher who lived in the 13th century. Widely known as the saint who helps people find lost objects. (June 13th)

St. Joseph

Husband to Mary and the foster father to Jesus. Dying, Workers, Universal Church (March 19th)

St. Florian

Held a high administrative post in the Roman Army. He is very popular patron saint of firefighters. (May 4th)

9/29/2023 Market Prices:
Gold 1870.50 Platinum 927.00 Silver 23.08