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The Petite Pavé Dangle Collection

Help your customers express themselves and their creativity with the affordable, sparkling styles of our new petite pavé dangle collection.

By displaying these 14 karat white, yellow, and rose gold dangles — all 6mm or less — on our new magnetic charm and dangle display, you get an easy, versatile way to tell a variety of customization stories:

  • Personalization with initials and numbers
  • Family, friendship, and milestone moments with birthstones
  • Individuality with a variety of symbols to celebrate
  • One-of-a-kind touches with the zodiac and festival assortments

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Magnetic Components Display

Pairing your chosen dangles with the magnetic display is effortless:

  1. Choose your base, which is available in two colors: moon glow and black.
  2. Select the number of hooks (three, four, or five) you want for your individual displays.
  3. Hand select your dangles to curate an assortment that’s all your own — or get inspired by our 6 Ways to Merchandise Petite Pavé Dangles.

Watch this video to see how easy it is to merchandise dangles on the magnetic display.

Petite Pavé Collection

6 Ways to Merchandise Petite Pavé Dangles

To make it easier for you to select and sell petite pavé dangles, we’ve curated six assortments that pair perfectly with the magnetic displays.

Whether you want to buy multiples of one dangle, purchase a small selection, get an entire line, or mix and match your own collection, we offer the displays you need to merchandise them all.



Lowercase Initials

birthstones display birthstones display


symbols display symbols display


letters and numerals display letters and numerals display

Initials and Numerals

Tip: Place these displays in a high-traffic location that’ll encourage customers to interact with the components and discover their next favorite look.

1/14/2022 Market Prices:
Gold 1822.95 Platinum 984.00 Silver 23.10