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Packaging and Displays 2022-2023

We’re excited to share with you our newest catalog Packaging and Displays 2022-2023. .

With new items in complementary colors and materials, this catalog release makes it easier than ever for you to build your brand, create a lasting first impression, and elevate the beauty of your jewelry.

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Packaging and Displays 2022-2023 Highlights

  • Look for our new badge badge showcasing more than 250 new items.
  • Custom imprinting on pages 4-9 helps you keep your brand top of mind. Logo templates on page 5 are available to incorporate your business name.
  • Foil stamping and digital imprinting capabilities are indicated by the below icons and shown next to packaging and displays throughout the catalog.
    hot foil stamping digital imprinting
  • Case by Case®, our custom jewelry display program, has its own section on pages 110–131 and includes new images and example colors.
  • Browse an array of our best–selling 24K gold–trimmed roses, including new sparkle colors, on pages 154–161.