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Sunstone™ Orion™ Pulse-Arc Welders

Sunstone Orion has established itself as the micro-welding experts with models that produce superior welds while saving you time and money. These welders feature proprietary technology and software that make them easy-to-use while giving you greater control, accuracy, and versatility. Bottom line: Sunstone Orion pulse-arc welders make your work easier, better, and faster.
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Why Choose A Pulse-Arc Welder?

A pulse-arc welder consists of a negative-charged tungsten electrode and a positive-charged grounding clip. The workpiece is connected to the positive-charged clip.

The key advantages and unique features of pulse-arc welding are:

  • Welding on conductive metals such as Silver and Copper
  • Deeper and stronger weld penetration
  • Lower initial investment costs
  • Cheaper maintenance than other welders
  • Smaller in size

Premium Argon Gas From Sunstone

Premium Argon gas is now available for delivery right to your door! Convenient right-sized tanks delivered right to your door by UPS. Sunstone will also include free return shipping on empty tanks when you order a replacement tank.

This premium argon prevents oxidation, providing you with cleaner welders. We ensure the safety of these tanks with steel safety caps for more secured shipping.

Not only are these new Argon tanks easier to move than larger tanks, but at only 30" tall, they are small enough to fit under most workbenches. Out of sight, out of mind.

Sunstone Orion Welders Help With


Easily, quickly, and cleanly resize rings.

Prong-Tipping and Repair

Do what is nearly impossible: retip prongs next to diamonds, gems, pearls, and even the most delicate opals with the Sunstone Orion’s heightened heat containment.


Weld a bezel up from a seam or simply butt weld a bezel to a pendant. Even work on bezels with stones in place.

Porosity Filling

Restore precious metals to their former glory by efficiently sealing seams and pores.

Earring Posts

Attach posts with ease and unbeatable confidence.

Jump Ring and Chains

Effortlessly close jump rings and chains with unheard of speed.


Use the microscope arm to get creative on large-scale pieces by allowing them to be maneuvered beneath the microscope lens.

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Sunstone Orion 200i Pulse Arc Welder

Orion 200i

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Sunstone Orion 150s Pulse Arc Welder
(with floating microscope)

Asiga Max Mini

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Sunstone Orion 100c
Pulse Arc Welder

Asiga Max Mini

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Sunstone Orion
mPulse Plus Arc Welder

Asiga Max Mini

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Which One is Right For You?

Orion-Pulse arc welders make your life easier. See which one is right for you by viewing our comparison chart!

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Payment Options

Want a Sunstone Orion and don’t want to wait? See how our different payment options can help.

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Need More Information?

The Tools Tech Team is here to help. Request a call today, or call 800-877-7777, ext. 4300. Ask the team about our training offerings.

Sunstone Orion Accessories

Upgrade your Orion welder with a free-floating swing arm or regulator to ensure a precise stream of gas. Stock up on electrode tips to give yourself endless hours of welding time.

Laser Welders and Engravers Guide

Find the perfect laser welder or engraver for your operation with our comprehensive guide.

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