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The World's Most Brilliant Gem®

More brilliant than a diamond, these created gemstones are as stunning as they are affordable.
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Benefits for today's consumers

  • Colorless and near colorless options
  • Get more for less money
  • A classic look that's durable to last a lifetime
  • Traceable origin
  • A limited lifetime warranty from Charles & Colvard

Trust the original

Charles & Colvard continue to perfect the gemstone they created over 20 years ago with flexible options to fit your customer’s budget—

  • Moissanite by Charles & Colvard - Value quality that is eye-clean and colorless.
  • Charles & Colvard’s Forever One - Premium quality that is eye-clean, loupe clean, and available in GHI near-colorless and DEF colorless grades.

A cut above

Precisely faceted by master cutters, Charles & Colvard moissanite is cut to maximize its beauty with fire that is 2.4 times that of a diamond.

More for less

Moissanite offers uncompromising beauty and brilliance at a revolutionary value.

2.65 - 2.69

Refractive Index (RI)
The double refraction reflects more light back to your eyes so it dances with light.


Fire Dispersion
2.4 times higher than a diamond, bending the light into mesmerizing flashes of radiant fire.


Hardness MOHS Scale
Excellent toughness and made to last through daily wear.


Identifying Moissanite
  • Viewed with a 10x loupe through the crown or pavilion, doubling of the back facet junctions can be seen.
  • Under magnification, you will see needle-like inclusions perpendicular to the table. All Moissanite is eye clean.
  • High refractive index and dispersion gives Moissanite greater fire and brilliance than a diamond.
  • Moissanite can easily be distinguished with thermal diamond testers. View Recommended Testers
Working with Moissanite
Moissanite is a tough material, similar in nature to sapphire and ruby. Please review the proper care in working with it: Bench Jeweler's Guide PDF


10/17/2019 Market Prices:
Gold 1492.65 Platinum 890.00 Silver 17.45