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Charles & Colvard® Created Moissanite - One. Brilliant. Classic.

More brilliant than a diamond at a fraction of the cost, the moissanite created by Charles & Colvard has a beauty and brilliance that lasts “Forever.” They are proud to introduce Forever One, the newest, purest moissanite with colorless brilliance. It joins the other members of the Charles & Colvard Forever family offering you three moissanite grades to meet all your needs.

Today they proudly introduce their newest achievement, Forever One and other members of the Charles & Colvard Forever family.

Charles & Colvard® Moissanite


Carefully and precisely faceted, each Charles & Colvard® Created Moissanite gem is cut according to exact angles and proportions designed to maximize its brilliance, enhance its incredible fire, and reveal its inner beauty.


Carat for carat, Charles & Colvard® Created Moissanite offers more beauty for less investment. You can have the size you want and fit your budget.


Each Charles & Colvard® Created Moissanite comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and Limited Lifetime Warranty stating it will maintain its brilliance and fire, without fading or changing color.

Many women prefer Charles & Colvard® Created Moissanite to other colorless gems. Why?

A Brilliant Choice In a side-by-side comparison, moissanite outshines any other gem. Its unique optical properties make this possible.

  • Moissanite’s dispersion is 2.4 times higher than diamond, bending light into mesmerizing flashes of radiant fire.
  • Its 2.65-2.69 refractive index give it greater brilliance than a diamond.
  • Its double refraction on the upper pavilion facets reflects more light back to your eye so it dances with light.

Forever One Moissanite™ Created by Charles & Colvard logo

With Forever One, Charles and Colvard created an exclusive series of pure, colorless moissanite. This stunning achievement required the development of highly refined technologies. Forever One offers you the ultimate choice for bridal and fine jewelry — one that costs only a fraction of a comparable diamond.

Classic Moissanite™

Forever Brilliant® Created by Charles & Colvard logo

With Forever Brilliant®, Charles & Colvard achieved a near colorless gem. Up to four shades whiter than Forever Classic, the original created moissanite gem, Forever Brilliant has a noticeably brighter and purer sparkle that delivers breathtaking bursts of vivid color. For bridal and fine jewelry, Forever Brilliant costs a fraction of a comparable diamond.

Forever Brilliant® Moissanite

Forever Classic Moissanite™ Created by Charles & Colvard logo

Forever Classic is the original gem grade moissanite that established Charles & Colvard as an industry innovator. It has the faintest hints of green, grey, teal, and yellow that add alluring definition to the facets. It offers you affordable luxury conceived in brilliance, for bridal and fine jewelry.

Charles & Colvard is discontinuing production of larger sizes. These sizes are still available while supplies last. We will continue to carry Forever Classic melee rounds between 1mm and 2.4mm.

Classic Moissanite™

Charles&Colvard Created Moissanite Logo

Created Moissanite®


Brilliance Refractive Index (RI)

Fire Dispersion

Hardness Mohs Scale


Forever One






Forever Brilliant

Near colorless





Forever Classic

Near colorless,






How to identify moissanite from near-colorless gems.



Double Refraction
View moissanite with a magnifying loupe (10x) through its crown or pavilion. Doubling of the back facet junctions can be seen.

Under magnification, you will see needle-like inclusions perpendicular to the table. All moissanite is eye clean.

Dispersion and Refractive Index
When viewed under a high-intensity light, moissanite has greater fire and brilliance than a diamond, a result of its high refractive index and dispersion.

Moissanite testers used with a thermal diamond tester can easily distinguish moissanite.

Working with Moissanite


Handle Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite® as you would a diamond. Be careful not to apply pressure to sharp points. Steel tools will not scratch it. We recommend never using pliers to set moissanite because the pressure cannot be controlled.

Prong Work:

If bearings are properly made in each prong, Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite® will pose no problem. In settings with pre-cut bearings, make sure the lower bearing section is parallel with the pavilion facets.

Bead Work:

Fit girdles slightly below metal surface and beads above the girdle rather than against it.

Hammer Work:

With properly cut bearings, you may use your electric hammer to move metal above the girdle onto the gem. Trimming inside the fold with a graver should not pose any problems. Burnish metal over the gem not against the gem.

Trimming Metal Prongs:

Be sure abrasive wheels are rubber and do not contain silicon carbide (carborundum) or diamond abrasives. These will scratch Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite® on contact.


Abrasives used to polish gold and platinum can be used on Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite®. Use boil and steam as you would with diamond.

Ultra-sonic Machines:

Single pieces cause no problem. For multiple pieces, arrange on hooks so they do not touch and scratch each other. Use either hot or cold solution.

Repairs and Sizing:

These may be done with Charles & Colvard Created Moissanite® in place. Be sure the gem is properly cleaned and that the torch heat is not above solder melting point. Some torches are capable of extreme temperature ranges that can damage the stone. Heating will turn the gem cherry red. When cool, it will return to its original color. Platinum solder tends to run into the gem so we recommend white gold solder. Quenching should be done after a few seconds.


You may "pickle" repaired pieces as with diamond.

Stuller supports your moissanite profits with the following products.

Market prices as of 3/29/2017
Gold 1251.10 Platinum 954.00 Silver 18.13